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Malibu Generation M – with the focus on quality!

The first Malibu models which Carthago founder Karl-Heinz Schuler put on the road in 1979 were already of the highest quality. This heritage is just as noticeable today in our integrated and semi-integrated motorhomes as our decades of experience in the premium segment. With brand typical quality characteristics and a unique added value promise, the new GENERATION M of Malibu motor-homes is setting more standards than ever in the upper class. The first impression that you get becomes increasingly clear the closer you look: so many well thought-out details, so much more of everything that makes travelling relaxing. One example is the double floor with a huge storage compartment that is unique in this class, the top class bodywork with elegant roof/side wall rounding or the top quality furniture construction with double connection technology.

Malibu Generation M – Integrated or Semi integrated, the build is yours!

A common feature is the length of less than seven metres and the possibility of certification with a gross weight of 3.5 t. This means good handling while driving, and a motorhome which is equivalent to a car with regard to traffic regulations. A class B driver’s licence is sufficient to drive one. In spite of this, the compact class provides all of the distinctive characteristics of the new Malibu GENERATION M, and therefore complete motorhome comfort. There’s no doubt about it: Malibu – compact is class!


Would you like a little more? More space, more equipment, more comfort and all of this in an attractive body with enduring quality? If so, the answer is: Malibu Comfort Plus class. No wishes remain unfulfilled here. They are up to half a metre longer than the biggest models in the Malibu compact class. Centimetres which make a difference when 3.5 t certification is not decisive, and comfort is more important than weight. In a nutshell: Malibu Comfort Plus class – if you want a little bit more.


 If you wish to look at the 360 internals or find out more information from the leaders in class, take a look at the Malibu website



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