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Buying a motorhome, whether you’re a seasoned motorhome owner or a first-time buyer is always an exciting experience

You are choosing the mobile home that will come along with you on your future adventures, keeping you cosy and comfortable.

We understand that you want to find the perfect fit for you and keep your new motorhome looking it’s best for years to come.

After coming along with you on all those adventures, your motorhome will require regular servicing to keep it in tip-top shape. As with any home, occasionally parts might need repairing or replacing along the way to keep your motorhome looking and feeling as good as new. Here at GMC motorhomes in Shrewsbury, when you buy your motorhome with us, the journey doesn’t have to end when you drive away. We provide a whole range of quality motorhome repairs, servicing and fittings to help you to care for your motorhome. Whether you have bought your motorhome directly from us or from elsewhere, our team has years of experience and will be happy to assist you with servicing and repairs. 

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We offer a complete ‘post-purchase’ package to give you everything you need to care for your motorhome’s needs for years to come.

Our qualified MCEA (Mobile Caravan Engineer Association) technicians fix and repair onsite in our large Shrewsbury workshop. All of our technicians are highly skilled in ACOPs, Gas competency, IT and the skills needed to work on your motorhome with only the very highest of standards. Our expert facilities will ensure your motorhome or caravan is kept completely safe while it is in our care.

We only use the manufacturer’s recommended parts when servicing or making motorhome repairs to ensure that your home gets the very best and the repairs will be of the highest quality.

The services we can offer for motorhomes include:

  • Full Servicing
  • Auto-trail, Hobby and Malibu Servicing will be uploaded to ensure your warranty is always valid.
  • Motorhome Habitation Servicing
  • Water Ingress Servicing
  • General Repairs
  • Damp Repair
  • Additional Accessories (including solar panels, bike racks, gaslow/ gas it systems, TV installation, Reversing Cameras installation and adding Additional Leisure Batteries)
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The services we can offer for caravans (both Single & Twin Axle) include:

  • Full Servicing
  • One Shot Nuts or Taper Nuts Chassis Service
  • Chassis service
  • Gas Safety Checks
  • Water Ingress Reports

To speak with a member of our friendly team about the servicing or care of your caravan or motorhome in Shrewsbury then call us now on 01743 464692.


Choose from our wide range of quality used and new motorhomes for sale in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Wales and across the UK. Call for more information or visit our dealership in Shrewsbury to see what we have to offer.

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